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hire right, hire smart

What makes up a great startup ecosystem? Sustainable ideas, driven talent, smart founders and apt funding at the right time. There might be quite a few others in the mix, but if these four are taken care of, it is mostly smooth sailing till the company moves into the ‘established’ segment. A pervasive problem for startups comes forth in finding the right talent at the right time. Not conveying their growth and aspiration story is a major roadblock that hinders hiring. That leads to a gap in talent engagement and relative business scaling. A perceived solution to bridging these gaps sowed the seeds for the Spottabl to come into being.

A brainchild of Vani, Spottabl started out as a talent advisory firm (Connectecho Talent Labs Private Limited) in 2017. Here, apart from offering consulting services to startups for turnkey changes required in their hiring methodology and people management processes, Vani also helped connect exceptional talent to roles that fit their skills the best. From early on, the company has made it a policy to operate as a human entity rather than a business one. 

‘Transforming the talent landscape for high growth companies and revolutionizing human potential’. Dedication to this mission statement is specifically noticeable in the time and effort every member of the team puts in to make every consultation a win-win for the client and the candidate. Spottabl’s core value of building careers, as opposed to filling job positions illustrates their drive to ensure talent gets the right environment to grow and flourish in the best way possible.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been big on the scene for quite a while now. Solving problems for a few can be done manually but solving for a rapidly evolving startup landscape at scale requires ingenuity and technology. That’s what propelled the team at Spottabl to start developing a people-platform for the startups of now and tomorrow. Expected to lift off mid-2020, the platform aims to disrupt the entire journey of talent and people-tech in startups by bringing in process improvements, smart suggestions, ROI overhauls and leaner models of recruitment, along with a host of other subtle yet significant changes.

The platform goes live by February 2020 for its first phase, so if you’re keen on sharing your industry experience on the platform of the future, leave us your email id at


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