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“The best thing I like about my office? There is a mutual respect for each other here, and no one is above or beneath anyone. It was after coming here that I realized that colleagues can also be friends. We have people from different backgrounds and different parts of the nation. In good times or bad, we have one another’s backs. At Crowdfire, we believe: One for all, all for one.”- Priyanka Sharma, an employee at Crowdfire

Start-ups these days are more inclined towards hiring a less competent but more culturally fit candidate. Similarly crowdfire believes in hiring the talent that align with its core values. Whenever you build a startup, start thinking of the work culture that you want to work in. For a startup, the first decisions by the top management will decide on the grounds that the company will work upon. The culture is not based just on actions, but on words, behaviours, people, etc.

In a market full of similar products what’s the one thing that makes your employees work for you and not for your competitor is the culture of your company. As tough it is to build the culture of any organisation as tough it is to sustain those cultural values for a longer period of time. Start-ups look more after their funding stage rather than any other factors. Most of the recruitment and retention is followed by the funding it has.

In a survey conducted by Korn Ferry institute in 2016, it was found that five years ago (2011) candidates were looking at benefits package as one of the major reasons for choosing an organisation but now (2016) company culture is coming out as the top reason for choosing an organisation. It was also found that in the coming five years of time (2021), company culture will still stand out as the prominent reason for choosing an organisation.

“Many startup founders struggle to define the culture of their startup in the beginning. When they painfully realize later that culture actually has a big impact on their business, it’s already too late. The act of building startup culture revolves around 3 mechanisms: recruitment and selection, leadership by example and socialisation.”- Founder and CEO of Sponsoo.

The culture of any organisation is derived from its mission and vision of an organisation. It is the stakeholders of any organisation that develop culture of any organisation. There are a lot of theories that revolve around culture. Culture cannot be copied from others but it should be built over time.

Cultural fit is important for the retention of employees, because the company can always invest in resources to help employees get better at their job but they can’t teach employees to align with cultural values. The employees hired that don’t match with the existing company culture will lead to lower work quality, turnover. But cultural requirements is something that is not listed in the job description, so how do you attract the right candidates & how do you evaluate for ‘culture fit’?

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