Ready to take a Plunge to the Bean Bag?

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“I knew that if I fail I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.”

– Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon

Doing a monotonous job sounds boring but crafting a well thought career path is definitely exciting. The practice of identifying roles where you can grow without getting stuck at the 9–5 dilemma has been gaining momentum over the years. How to monetize your strengths and in what ways one can capitalize talent is a challenge? The best way to learn new skills and foster existing talent is to secure an entry to a startup. Working in a startup opens up different avenues of learning where you will be responsible of juggling through different roles. Moreover, if you hate handholding and will like to work autonomously then working in a startup seems to be a good choice. A survey conducted by LinkedIn found out that people joined new jobs because of new opportunities and a strong career path. The same affinity to better opportunities has made joining startups popular in India.

Before changing jobs, do short time projects and assignments in the particular field in which you want to work. It not only helps one to understand the alien field but also helps to see whether the interest is sustained and not based on a fantasized dream. Connect with the people and corporate mentors (in meetup events or conferences) who are working in the above mentioned desired field, in order to understand the job market well. Nothing is better than discussing career decisions over a breezy cup of coffee. An overrated statement but still it goes without saying- communication is the key to all the hidden secrets and treasures.

Associate your passion with an organization that is attuned to your interests and has the ability to recognize it. The employees working in startups are usually less in number and in most of the cases become a close knit family. So before joining a startup, make sure that you interact with most of the employees to ensure compatibility and ease of work in the future. Apply for that role or position and express your commitment to the founders even if there is no newest job opening. It has been said to work for the recruitment of early stage startups and growth companies. Make sure you are able to connect with the vision and the story of the startup. Understand the job description well and keep on asking questions on your role and work.

If you lack direct experience in the field, don’t trust on online resume tracking system as the chances of rejection are pretty high. Instead, concentrate on your networks and apply through a mind boggling covering letter which highlights your passion for the particular role for which you had to leave your lesser meaningful job. This will put you in good stead but do not give the impression of a person who is indecisive and uncertain about his own career decisions.

Go through online reviews of the company. Online sources like Glassdoor may provide reviews of how working in the company is but don’t get carried away or be terrified by it. Researchers have found that these reviews suffer from bias and do not always project the true nature of work.

In a startup ecosystem, role is not clearly defined but gaining information from ex- employees or such sites lets you understand the scope of the job. Update your LinkedIn so that it comes into the notice of recruiters. Take up relevant courses from Coursera, Udemy etc. to highlight your passion for learning. For example, if you want to shift to a tech role, it is not necessary that you hold previous experiences in it but make sure you are up to date with the industry standards. While in the interview, keep probing about the role and work that you are going to do. Finally, crafting or changing careers is not a definite destination but an ongoing process. Take plunge from the big corporate suits to the bean bag which will in turn help to leave an everlasting mark that you have actually built some innovative solutions to a difficult and complex problem.

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