Startup Hiring: What’s so different about it?

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First things first.

Job Descriptions and CV Matching has been done to death and startups are the first ones to start taking a plunge in being able to go beyond JDs and beyond CVs to reach to the pinnacle of effectiveness in their hiring journey. Have been constantly hearing advice from Top VCs, Founders, Leaders and now consulting firms about tips to go beyond the mere JD and CV.

What lies beyond JD is the OKR , Space for learning and growing , Culture, DNA , Character of company and people working there. What lies beyond CVs real Human with his/her true potential which cannot be bound with mere words in the CV like template.

Moving on, the hiring process is the start ups itself needs to be managed and handled differently when it comes to candidate and start up experience mutually. Startups don’t really care too many work experience. “More is not necessarily merrier for them always”

The most interesting thing about some of the best growth stage startup founders is their willingness to make interview experience as a “Candidate First Approach”, right from their storytelling to on-boarding.

Gone are the days of one-sided interviews OR rigorous stressful evaluations. It’s all about mutual evaluation and referral based hiring. In start ups, almost “Everybody knows Everyone”; hence leveraging one’s trusted network for reference is one of the ad-hoc yet an important step to leverage. Founders need to know the knack of deep-diving into the profiles by giving away thesis to work on, making aspiring talent spend time with the teams and assessing for the culture match along with deep skill-based understanding.

Most of the founders who are hiring for leadership roles in functions where they don’t have deep knowledge, they need to either get investors, relevant advisors and external subject matter experts to evaluate the aspiring talent. In such scenarios they got to go very deep in assessing the personalities and knowing what works for them and learning how best they can work with them.

All in all quality of engagement levels , mutual empathy and great relationships built during the process lead to the highest quality recruitment. Partnering with the right recruitment experts and advisors who have the skin in the game and know what it really takes to “make it happen” is the KEY!

Here’s where we, the talent monks collaborate with founders in making all of it HAPPEN.

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