5 easy tips for recruiters to screen a resume effectively

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5 easy tips for recruiters to understand a candidate’s profile better.

Today technology and automation have evolved enough to ease work from home for most of us without any major setback, but, screening resumes in the recruitment process takes up a large part of a recruiter’s time and effort. 

Whether you spend 10 seconds or a minute, here are 5 things recruiters need to look for when you screen a resume to understand a candidate’s profile better.

  1. Check their Social Media Presence –  The link to a candidate’s work on a development/design platform besides their LinkedIn link has become a prerequisite to showcase their skills and knowledge instead of a simple resume.
  2. Check for gaps in their Career – Inconsistent information on the resume and a considerable gap in employment can lead to a rejection from clients. You can consider moving on to another profile if your client would not accept resumes with such gaps.
  3. Tells A Story – A quality resume paints a picture of the candidate’s interests, work history, and past and current experiences. It catches your attention and motivates you to learn more.
  4. Look past the summary section- Focus on profiles that show where and when the technology/ skills required for your client’s role was used on the job. Keywords highlighted or mentioned under roles and responsibilities are generally better than keywords that show up at the top or bottom of tech resumes in the skills and summary section.
  5. Personality and Values –  Gauging a candidate’s personality and values from their resume can be a tough task. These not only help in assessing the tendency of how well a candidate will fit into a company’s culture, their work team but the job itself. Look for personal traits if mentioned in the resume. Social media is the biggest source of information today to determine the personality and values of a candidate. 

Although resumes are not the best benchmark of a candidate’s skills and experience, with newer, quirkier resume formats, they play an essential part in hiring.

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