4 reasons you should work with a solid start up to give your career a serious boost

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4 reasons you should work with a solid start up to give your career a serious boost.

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Startups offer massive opportunities for learning, gaining experience and also to enhance financial stability for an  individual. Here are the top 4 reasons to consider working with a high growth start up if you are in the experience bracket of 2-10 years –

  1. Working with amazing talent – Over the recent past, startups have been attracting the cream of the talent across all spheres. Working with a good startup will allow you the opportunity to rub shoulders with innovators, highly driven people, risk takers and some really brilliant people in general. Firstly, working with people like these will take your own experience and skills to the next level. Secondly,the high energy environments and fun cultures at startups make them a great place to grow and build some concrete connections for the future. Conversations and roles will always be intellectually stimulating and challenging. So if you’d like to turbocharge your career, definitely consider a start up.

  2. Great potential upside – Finances are certainly an important aspect to consider and today a lot of well funded startups (find them here) today compensate as well if not better than other companies ahead in their life-cycle. Besides this, there’s also scope to obtain some stock in the company that can be very valuable in the future. This  brings about a sense of ownership to the next level where you know that you will enjoy the fruits of your collective efforts and success over the years to come when the company has grown significantly large and successful. 
  1. Co Create – Older organizations usually have their processes and structures set in place and usually offer very little flexibility or openness to change. One usually has to fit the mould that has already been set. On the other hand Startup organizations have a lot of room for co-creating these systems and processes. Besides experiencing the freedom to create and express your unique ideas, you also stand to gain from the experience of building teams, processes in a growing organization. This can be an absolutely invaluable asset as you grow in your career.
  2. Accelerated Learning – Working with a startup provides massive opportunities for multitasking and therefore gaining rich and diverse experience. If you are someone who is up for the challenge, you can position yourself well for bigger roles and opportunities as you go ahead either within the same company or another or even your own venture, perhaps. Absolutely nothing can match up the value of real world experience of taking something from just an idea to a reality. 

Today’s circumstances offer some amazing opportunities in various industries such as SaaS, Fin-tech, Ed-tech, Gaming Tech, besides so many more fast growing industries. At Spottabl we have, on our platform, more and more such organizations where they share their story and showcase the opportunities they offer. Are you ready to find an opportunity that will take your career to the next level? Sign up here now !


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