4 Tips To Polish Your Social Profiles

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It is absolutely no secret that social media stalking has now become part of the standard protocol of many recruiters and employers to gain an insight into the life and mind of job-seekers. Companies are taking the time and effort to look into the life of a candidate through the content that they share on their social media profile. Their line of sight is not just limited to LinkedIn but also extends to Twitter and Facebook. 

Here, we look at the top 4 ways you can use your social media profile to make a stellar first impression in the mind of the potential recruiter/ employer.

  1. A Strong Headline – A well written “About Me” will give a massive boost to your chances of making a good impression. While social media bios can be written informally, they can definitely be used creatively in a way that reflects what you might have already written on your CV. Spend some time on this to craft a compelling “about me” that would in some way align with how you have presented yourself professionally through your CV. Think of this like your first first-impression.
  2. Quality of Interactions – Recruiters/ Employers are keen to see how you interact with people on your profile. The language, quality of interactions will give them a great insight into how you will potentially gel within their environment and culture. It’s best to keep your interactions polite, civil and pleasant. This will inspire a certain confidence about you as you will be seen as more personable and professional to work with. Employers also tend to look at who you follow and who follows you. It gives them a fair idea of what you are attracted to and what kind of people you attract too.
  3. Pictures & Captions – The pictures you share of yourself and your activities will give your employer enough material to form an opinion about you and your captions on them will convey your outlook and communication style. Make sure to keep these tasteful and also write your captions in a language that is thoughtful and well worded. You can use these to make a powerful impression that positions you as someone who is a thorough professional.
  4. Articles shared by you – The content you share reflects the kind of views you subscribe to. While it’s common for us to share and talk about movies, music and TV Shows, you can also use this opportunity to share articles about your industry and your views on it. This is reflective of the fact that you are well read and aware about the happenings in your field. This will greatly enhance your chances you get to also showcase your skills, qualifications and know how through the captions and write. You do your chances no harm if you become a social media thought leader in your field.
  5. Bonus Tip – Google yourself. Find those pages that you didn’t know your social identity exists in. It could be Tiktok, Pinterest or Quora. This might be a good time to either deactivate a few unused profiles or even re-activate them with relevant content. Pay special attention to sites like Stackoverflow, GitHub, Behance, Dribble etc. that double up as your portfolio for getting you through that proverbial door.

A lot of what is suggested above, points to steering clear of human biases and sometimes, even using them to your advantage. Yes, recruiters and hiring managers are naturally biased on a lot of aspects that you should definitely consider while creating your public image. Spottabl is working towards mitigating this human bias via compelling storytelling on both job seeker and employer fronts. Sign up here to create your Spottabl profile and showcase your mettle to prospective employers.


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