7 Changes To Be Seen At Workspaces In Near Future

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Office spaces have evolved over the years and this trend is going to continue. No one would have ever imagined the tectonic shift in the workspace that we are witnessing today. With the onset of technologies like AI/ML, improvement in video conferencing and VR, augmented reality, etc., new dimensions are opening up and thereby, creating demand for smarter and more innovative office spaces and ways of working. In this article, we are going to make educated guesses on what the spaces will look like in the coming few years and how they will be different from today’s standard workspaces. 

  1. It will be possible to hire with near 100% accuracy with the help of AI based recruitment solutions that will take over the current cumbersome process of recruitment. With the ever increasing amount of data available, these AI-powered hiring solutions will be more effective in finding candidates who are in line with the constant changing skill sets that organizations will require.    
  2. The workspace will shift from being a place of the 9 to 5 work culture to more of an office-as-a-lifestyle. This transition is mainly due to the popularity of co-working and advances in technology which have made it easier for people to work from anywhere.  
  3. The hierarchical organizational structure will evolve into a flat one for the majority of companies to remove the inefficiencies of middle management that are currently being faced. The ever increasing complexity of businesses will demand faster collaboration and information flow among teams which will lead to smaller teams which are high performing, can handle fluctuating workloads, and work within small time frames.  
  4. Remote working will make it possible for people to migrate to smaller cities from metropolitan areas. This will be due to a lot of factors such as lower cost of living, proximity to family and friends, better environment all leading to a higher quality of life.  
  5. With more advancement in technology, both virtual services and freelance work will boom in popularity affecting almost every industry. The Gig Economy will be a real thing and people will pursue their hobbies not just for fun but as a serious prospect to earn money and have a sense of fulfillment from their professional lives.   
  6. The value of an employee will be weighed by digital expertise and constant upskilling rather than their experience and tenure. The high valued employees will be the ones who have a knack of problem solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, and who will upskill themselves constantly to the requirements of the industry.  
  7. Smart machines will play a vital part in everyday activities assisting people with daily tasks helping them manage their work better. Employees who will be able to leverage these AI based tools to their convenience will have an edge over others. Technology will also monitor the workload of people based on the number of hours worked, their heartbeats, biorhythms and will accordingly give advice for the amount of rest, exercise and relaxation required. 

The successful companies will be the ones who will embrace these changes and try to get a competitive edge by becoming the best places to work attracting top talent. If you’re planning to hire in the near future, keep these trends in mind while making important strategic choices.

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