Startup Jobs 101 – The Mindset Shift

A startup job isn’t everyone’s preferred career choice. It takes a certain kind of mental make-up and a set of character traits for one to not only survive but also thrive in a startup environment. The circumstances surrounding a startup are unique as compared to corporations. Even among the startups, the work culture differs widely based on their respective growth stage. Making a decision to work with a startup will require some soul searching on your part and this little investment of time can either save you valuable time and effort or it could set you up for the biggest break that you could have dreamed of for your career. If you are looking for top reasons to work at cool startups, read here.

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Getting SPOTTed

What makes up a great startup ecosystem? Sustainable ideas, driven talent, smart founders and apt funding at the right time. There might be quite a few others in the mix, but if these four are taken care of, it is mostly smooth sailing till the company moves into the ‘established’ Read more…