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These days start-ups depict the growth of an entrepreneurial culture which increases the youth to become the leaders of tomorrow. Start-ups have been able to achieve success be it technology or healthcare. However, the defence sector has been lacking in the entry of entrepreneurs as well as investors. Lack of funding as well as training technical manpower or even unfavourable procurement policy of the government as well as restrictions on the export of defence items are some of the primary challenges faced by a defence startup.

The sector is currently in need of products that provide high precision for ruggedness. They must also withstand extreme conditions and reliability for a long period. Therefore any startup enterprise must have the capability to design and manufacture specialised products.

In India, there has been an average position in the dominant military market because it has been ensured that mole designing and manufacturing has commenced in India. The geopolitical position has provided operational readiness in India.

Defence Sector In India And How It’s Growing

The defence industry is much broader than what it used to be at the beginning of the 21st century. Since then it has been mostly composed of companies that have specialised in research or development as well as the production of defence weaponry and technologies. 

After the terrorist attack of September 11 2001, the department of homeland security commenced an important part of the National defence which brought in new technologies and products to meet the needs of the department and to increase the security at airports and other public places.

Even though there has been a lot of spending on the different sectors, the prime issue that has been foreshadowing the industry is covid-19 and it has caused an impact of global health emergency and the defence sector has been monitoring the supply chain for resilience and to make sure that there is cooperation and engagement among territories. some of the latest trends are

 • Uncertainty abounds

 • Cash is King

 • Defence side attractive

 • Digital tools that are worthwhile

 • Attention required by the supply chains

 • The inevitable shaping of portfolio

The Biggest Defence Startups In India

 • Big Bang Boom Solutions

It was founded in the year 2018 which is based in Chennai. Not only is Big Bang Boom a defence startup but it’s also a deep tech defence solution integrator. They indulge in the manufacturing of defence and allied technologies as well as developing them in the process.

They have developed partnerships in India that provide aid for the manufacturing on a large scale of the personal safety drone along with the security on-demand logistic solutions which are the most suitable for the market surrounded by India. The main aim of the setup is to develop a critical solution for security and defence space by developing several indigenous technologies.

They have been trying to create a 360 advanced battle interphase for armoured vehicles and an anti-drone defence system as well as an AI-based smart fencing system. they have also been working on spray based coagulants and looking for covid-19 solutions such as test kits or ventilators and drone sanitization.

 • Sagar Defence Engineering

It was founded in the year 2015 which is based in Mumbai and is a Maritime startup that had the vision to provide unique innovations and also the completion of unmanned marine vehicles in areas such as commercial or defence and the scientific areas as well. They tend to fulfil the needs of technological competency in the maritime field because even the minute Marine problem tends to become very large and expensive at times.

The startup also developed a suite that can self-tune itself to the command controls and it has also undergone child at sea on a range of vehicle modes. The main aim of the startup is to provide systems and applications that can serve a variety of technology and innovative solutions to the unmanned marine or submarine and airborne industries with regard to the commercial sectors like oil gas as well as disaster management and scientific research. they also you wish to fulfill the needs of Indian Navy or coast guard and border security forces.

 • Optimised Electrotech

Optimised Electrotech was founded in 1967 and it is based in Ahmedabad. The company has decided to focus on indigenously designed, developed and manufactured surveillance systems. The startup vigyan with a vision to create a footprint in the Indian defence industry by providing solutions which are on the top edge according to India’s requirements.

They have worked on electro optic surveillance systems which are on the high end for both strategic as well as commercial buyers. all these products have been researched upon and proven to be India’s most discerning clients for land and aerospace applications. the company is now trying to grow on a global scale by providing security solutions to National as well as international defence and aerospace organisation.

 • Dimension NXG (AjnaLens)

The company is based in Thane, Maharashtra. They have a mission which focuses on accelerating human intelligence to reach New heights but this can only be done with the use of technology such as artificial intelligence and mixed reality.

They have also built and designed mixed reality glasses for defence and the price as well as education. The company was founded in the year 2014 by Abhishek Tomar, Pankaj Raut and Abhijit Patil. The extensive research and development went on for three years ahead of product development and the Indian army became their first customer. they have other clients such as the Indian Navy or DRDO and khimji Ramdas group.

 • Vinveli

The company was founded in the year 2013 by Gokul Anand Yuvaraj. The company develops private unmanned aerial vehicles as well as manufactures them from their headquarters at Chennai.

The company has already been divided into two arms which are civilian and defence and has offices in many places other than Chennai. The main aim of the startup is to meet technology and human power in order to build a planet which is more than just intelligent. they have various principles which drive the technologist and the missionary’s in the workplace to push through and create cutting-edge aerospace as well as robotics.

 • Ideaforge

It is a private limited company that develops and produces unmanned aerial vehicles. The company has been responsible for manufacturing drones with the purpose of intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance.

This was founded by IIT Bombay alumni Rahul Singh as well as Ankit Mehta and Vipul Joshi. The company has been incubated by many universities and is a frontrunner in r and d production as well as the operation of the compact cost-effective and user-friendly unmanned aerial vehicles all across India.

The company has several professionals across the field of aerospace electronics and Mechanical engineering and their main motto is to create technically superior UAVs for intelligence which also does the work of surveillance and reconnaissance full stop. The main aim is to inspire the world by leading the search for technological advancements in the field of unmanned systems.

Closing Thoughts

It has to be noted that a few years ago most of the startup companies were lagging far behind in competition with the most established defence companies but thanks to the site of revolution the Indian defence system is booming with a number of defence startups. India’s robust dynamic startup environment has given them a multivariate across all the fields such as medical hospitality odd even e commerce and tour and travel. The Indian startup ecosystem is storming in through the defence sector with strong technology and out of the box ideas.

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