How to Optimize your recruitment practices?

Finding the perfect match is always essential. Be it a partner, a pair of shoes, or an employee that fits right into your organization. 

The recruitment industry is under a lot of strain nowadays. The employment process involves a lot of moving parts, as well as a lot of potential for failure, from recruitment to onboarding. Any discrepancy could lead to a massive talent mismatch.

A talent or skills mismatch occurs when there is a disparity between the talents that employers want and the abilities that the employee possesses. In simple words, there is a misalignment between competencies and work opportunities. 

Let’s go over some of the best recruitment practices in the industry where talent-hiring can be marginally improved and optimized.

  1. Attract more relevant candidates by promoting your organization as ‘the’ employer brand

One of the first things that a candidate now searches about is the career growth opportunities and the work culture of the organization that they’re applying for. You can substantially enhance your recruitment processes by ensuring that your employer brand is accessible, real, and appealing, be it through your corporation’s films, images, blogs, and posts on social media, or third-party reviewers.

  1. Crafting the Perfect Job Description

A job description is essentially the first point of contact that a candidate has with your organization. Create a job description that appropriately portrays the positions you’re looking to fill while highlighting the tone of the organization.

For example, you should be detailed about the tasks and expectations, and utilize brand-specific terms to offer the candidate a sense of your company’s values. Explain what you require of them and whatever you can offer in exchange- a journey of mutual value addition.

A very well-crafted job description can help you sift out individuals who aren’t a good fit, leaving you with a smaller pool of resumes to review. Spottabl job cards have a unique feature which significantly reduces the time and effort for create a Job Description. 

  1. Pick a different method to attract talent

On applicant job sites, candidate-focused job listings appear aspirational. If prominent job boards haven’t been able to assist you to uncover the suitable people, go deeper into the talent pool. LinkedIn, along with Facebook job ads, is a smart choice to explore and implement.

Networking events also prove to be a great chance at finding suitable candidates.

Another super interesting way which is picking up pace is when the Spottabl Recruiters who have a large number of followers on different social platforms such as LinkedIn, WhatsApp and/or Slack Channel put up about the job postings. The reach is high and diverse and they tend to have a 100% closure rate. This process is extremely optimised and the whole closing of the job can be achieved in a matter of few days.

  1. Evaluate your candidates effectively 

Assess work samples and homework assignments. As part of your recruiting process, examine work samples from applicants’ portfolios or ask them to finish tasks.

Try out some tests. Candidates should be asked to take standardized examinations.

Candidate stories are another excellent way to evaluate candidates. These are an effective way of shortlisting suitable candidates based on how their stories since they give a sense of what kind of a person they are behind the presented profiles. 

Invest in the training for the hiring staff regarding these strategies. Interview training allows companies to better evaluate prospects, resulting in higher-quality hiring.

  1. Enhance the candidate experience 

Make your application form go smoother. The majority of applicants abandon long application processes. You can expect a higher application rate if the first form can be filled in under 5 minutes. Candidates should be asked to upload their CV and cover letter, as well as answer a few qualifying questions. When redesigning your careers page, keep the following in mind: Be informative.  Make your website user-friendly. Be sincere.

Keep candidates informed. Candidates want to be kept informed at all times during the recruiting process. Make a note to check in with applicants you’ve vetted or interviewed.

Have a structure to the process. Effectively bifurcating the interview rounds can result in a quick process and a satisfied candidate. For example, having a clearly defined technical, HR, and skillset round can test all parameters and avoid overlapping of questions and methods to test.

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In her free time Vani loves storytelling and helping talent meet their aspirations. She has been a part of enterprise, growth stage startups & VC firms. She is driven to make stories and startups matter.

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