Robotics Startups That Are Revolutionizing India’s Scientific Footprint

The robotics industry in India has skyrocketed over the past decade, and there has never been more demand for robotics and automation in the country than now. Most of the developed, as well as the developing countries, have begun with the usage of robots for automation as well as the high-volume production of common products. India has accounted for slightly less than 1.5 % of global purchases of industrial robots.

The enormous majority was used in India’s automotive industry as a match for the global manufacturing processes of JVs. India has the most potential for the expansion of the robotics industry which is due to the increase in labour cost with an enormous amount of automation. They also have an increase in product demand and they are increasing at a good pace towards the international competition for producing more accurate products.

Careers in Robotics

Even though robotics has been around for a long now, India has witnessed, for most of the past decade, there has been substantial growth both in the technological capabilities of robotics and the career opportunities related to it. A large number of steps have been taken with AI as well as actuator and sensor development and software engineering particularly they have led to a whole new application of robotics across the industry. organizations I have also been big in hiring roboticists at an enormous rate. The job growth rate predicted by the bureau of labour statistics echoes this Trend.

In the year 2018, it was predicted that a 4% job growth in this field over the next decade is going to propel India towards greener pastures. Robotics is attracting people from big companies – from Google to Apple. A few of the top careers in robotics are design engineers, software engineers, hardware engineers, user experience designers, data scientists – even machine learning and algorithms engineering.

Robotics Startups in India

ASIMOV Robotics

ASMOV is a private limited company, and a single-window solution and service provider. The company provides engineering product solutions and is also a consultancy in areas of robotics simulation and control, machine learning, vision training, virtual reality, and navigation applications. One of the main products of their research robots is the Lamarck humanoid or X-terrabot and medical robots as well as service robots. They also provide different robots apart from this we offer the robotics services as well. it was founded in the year 2012 April by Jaya Krishnan.

Sastra Robotics

Sastra Robotics is based in Cochin and was established in the year 2013, founded by Aronin Ponnappan. Sastra aims to build and deliver robotic solutions for humans – solutions like automated functional testing with the use of real physical devices. Since the year they established, Sastra has been great at with their products, that are being delivered to OEMs around the world, and helping improve speed-to-market for several industries in the country. The company is also into building mobile robots as well as telepresence robots with robot interfacing and simulation software. It has a selective compliance articulated robotic arm which can perform any repetitive task for uses of moving products or milling or even 3D printing.


Systemantics is a Hi-Tech industrial robots maker which is based out of Bangalore and was founded by Harsha Lal. The company is an industrial robotics startup that has its vision focused on enabling the widespread adoption of flexible automation in any industry. They have an enormous shelf of technologies from which they have a lot fo products to offer – such as core technologies of robotic arms for AC servo motors and speed reducers.


It is located in Ahmedabad and was founded by Pulkit Gaur. The company has built its presence in defence as well as space and nuclear industrial sectors. They even have underwater robots which can clean tanks in homes or in any kind of industrial setting. One of their first alliances was with the Indian Navy and since then, the company has come a long way. Today, the company has some of the leading public sector units in the country as its proud customers – including the likes of ONGC, ISRO and Natural Gas Corporation among many others.


Difacto was founded in the year 2007 by Ajay Gopalswamy. This is a startup that offers turnkey industrial automation systems and solutions with a couple highly-functional industrial robots. It aims to provide a solution with the inclusion of automotive BIW weld lines, which is currently manual in most industries. 

Difacto also deals with automating arc welding lines and cells, introducing robot-based systems for machine tending, sealing, foundry, plastic cutting and other major industrial applications. The generic software that they acquire helps them provide services which include process simulate, Delmia and Cimstation robotics. They also have some really cool robot-specific software products – Roboguide, RobotStudio, and MotoSim.


This company was founded in the year 2011 by Samay Kohli. The startup works to create and build robots for warehouses and automation spaces, design manufacturing, and deploying of advanced systems in robotics to provide automation in the area of distribution and fulfilment.

GreyOrange has a flagship product which is named The Butler – and rightly so. It is a high tech material handling system that basically improves speed, accuracy, productivity and flexibility. It has a lot of great parts across the floor of a wirehouse on which all the fast-moving mobile robots will traverse and search the items of racks into the packer. It’s basically your cleaning maid for industrial applications.

Omnipresent Robot Tech

The company was founded by Aakash Sinha in the year 2010 which is a robotic startup for industrial inspection and defence. It has developed UAVs. I am a river cleaning robot as well as a robot for home and healthcare. Most of its clients include the centre for artificial intelligence and robotics, ISRO and defence and research laboratories. They have a product named ro-boat which is an autonomous river cleaning Robot that uses groundbreaking technology and is very promising in cleaning rivers back to their clean state. It was piloted successfully and tested in the Yamuna and Ganga rivers in India. US-AID it as the top 5 innovations of 2013 in the area of water and sanitation.

Careers in Robotics 

Robotics is a branch of engineering which deals with the production of robots. They are machines that are programmed to carry out tasks in an autonomous way for the better working of the company. The whole process involves the designing, building and programming of physical robots which troubleshoot the problems in the different kinds of domains in the field of operations and manufacturing.

When it comes to careers, young aspirants can always get into robotics through an engineering degree in planning and designing tools, engines, and electronic spares to create programmed machines and robots. A career in robotics and automation doesn’t always have to be about building the next Terminator styled killer robot – it almost always depends on developing as well as coordinating and monitoring all the aspects of production of a machine that does a specific task perfectly. Extensive research into betterment of robots can also be a fulfilling choice of a career, if you’re more of an information-oriented person. There are also careers relying on modification of computer control motions of robots and automated machines.

Interesting Questions 

  1. Does a career in Robotics and Automation pay?

The short answer is, yes. A career in robotics is one of the most challenging yet rewarding career paths you can take as a budding science-tech enthusiast. It involves a lot of study and a meticulous amount of effort, but is equally rewarding if you enjoy it.

  1. Can anyone start a robotics company? Do you need to have any specific qualification?

As with any industry, it pays to have previous knowledge about what you’re doing so you can build on it. Nothing can come of ill-preparation, and companies are no different. Just a basic knowledge of how you build your product and your company should be enough to get yourself started on the right track – you can learn the rest as you go.

  1. How do I get started with learning about robotics?

A good step would be to immerse yourself with information about what the field really is. You can refer to several blogs on the internet, and get yourself prepped up to see if this is really something you want to do. Next, we would suggest getting your hands dirty and actually learning by doing. Then, move to get education on how you can make yourself better. The jobs come only post this stage.

Closing Thoughts

Machines are built to make human work easier, and this can only be done by automating robots that mimic human actions. Back in the day, robots could not take more than a few tasks – it would be a great deal if they could understand your speech and give an appropriate response.  Today, that can happen on your phone with just a few taps. And we’re really only getting started. India is in an exciting phase concerning the robotics and automation industry, and we can’t wait to see what this decade will bring us.

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